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6 Ways to Lose Weight Without Feeling Deprived

Tired of watching your scale bounce up and down without seeing much overall success? Chances are you’re focusing too much on what you can’t have. This is deprivation and it won’t lead to a perfect beach body. On the contrary, it’s most likely one of the biggest culprits keeping you from your goals.

Weight loss has to be about creating a new lifestyle, not just eliminating everything that could possibly tip the scale. There are real ways to lose weight without feeling deprived, and here are a few of them.

Find better substitutions. Dreaming of a big bowl of spaghetti? Try instead spiralized veggies topped with homemade, chunky marinara sauce. Can’t get potato chips and dip out of your mind? Reach for some carrot sticks and hummus instead. The point is, you enjoy certain types of foods and that’s not going to change. But you can swap out some of your favorites for more nutritionally dense and healthier options. There are tons of ideas buzzing around the internet waiting for you to find.

Avoid eliminating entire food groups. You don’t have to ban meat or ward off all carbs for the sake of shedding pounds. Instead, learn to diversify and (again) substitute. Instead of a big greasy hamburger, try a lean turkey patty. Forgo the pile of mashed potatoes and gravy and savor instead some yummy, steamed veggies. You can also cut back on certain food groups if you’re already over and above your daily recommended intake in those areas.

Indulge briefly. Some believe in entire cheat days and while we don’t necessarily condone that, we can see the benefit of indulging every once and a while. If you have a celebration coming up, plan ahead of time to order that dessert you’ve been mouth watering over. Maybe Friday night is your evening to get dinner with your spouse. That’s great! Just try and make the meals surrounding your cheat meal healthy and well balanced.

Focus on moderation. You can’t always tell yourself “no,” but you can tell yourself “enough.” Everything you eat should be in moderation. One can of soda isn’t going to completely derail your weight loss efforts, but you have to know to stop there. By moderating everything you eat and drink, you ensure you’re not getting too much sugar or too much sodium or not enough protein. It helps ensure a balanced nutritional intake that will keep you healthy and strong.

Cut down gradually. Going cold turkey on all the things you love is going to make you resent and hate your new, healthy lifestyle. Instead, start by cutting down gradually. Replacing less healthy foods and drinks with better alternatives, one at a time, until eventually your vices have been worked out of your daily routine without leaving you in a death grip, crying that they’re gone.

It’s all about balance. If you’re focused on balancing your diet between healthy fats, lean meats, a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, wholesome, organic dairy, and plenty of water, chances are there will be little left over for overly processed and packaged foods. A truly balanced diet is one that leads to long-lasting weight loss success.

Dieting shouldn’t mean being miserable and you can lose weight without feeling deprived. Because deprivation eventually leads to failure and break down. If you want long lasting success, keep these tips in mind.

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