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Beware of Chlorine

Studies have been linking chlorine to elevated risks for breast cancer, bladder cancer, asthma, bronchitis, birth defects, and infertility for some time. But lowering your exposure to chlorine bleach is going to take more than throwing out a couple of bottles from under your sink. One of the most common industrial disinfectants in the U.S. since the late 1800s, chlorine is still commonly used in laundry and cleaning products. But there’s more. It’s also used in swimming pools, public drinking water, refrigerator units, dry cleaning, pesticides, paper, plastics, and our household cleaning products. So basically, we’re drinking it, we’re soaking in it, and we’re even inhaling it. Here’s a few ideas to lower chlorine exposure for your family:

- Swim in salt-water pools, not chlorinated pools Install chlorine filters on your faucets and shower heads - Choose detergent and cleaning products that are chlorine free - Purchase chlorine-free, organic pads and tampons - Throw out dryer sheets (they are full of chemicals anyway) and use organic wool dryer balls to soften your clothes - Ask your dry cleaner if they use chlorine. Switch to organic or “green” dry cleaners if they do

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by Deanna Latson (Facebook tips)

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