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Farm-Raised - Does This Really Mean Anything?

Ever buy a dozen eggs that says “free range” on them? Do you know what that really means?

There are a lot of terms used on food labels that appeal to our desire for clean, non-toxic foods that are safe for us, the environment, animals and our health. Unfortunately, most of these labels don’t mean much – and are often outright lies.

The FDA only monitors a few key phrases to ensure truthfulness, but most claims are not regulated and can be used anytime, anywhere and for anything.

So the next time you go shopping, remember this... The term “organic” is regulated by the FDA, but even so there are different levels of organic and foods that only partially contain organic ingredients can still be labeled organic. And even though labels with homey designs and local names may say they are “farm-raised, old-fashioned, local, natural, pasture raised, grass fed, cage free, or real,” it’s a very real possibility that they are lying.

by Deanna Latson (Facebook Tips)

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