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Anything green is all the rage right now, especially when it comes to what you eat. And there’s little wonder why. Green foods are full of:

  • Vitamin K—helps keep the body young and can prevent certain age-related conditions.[1]

  • Lutein, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids—help protect the eye against both cataract and age-related macular degeneration.[2]

  • Quercetin—a bioflavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.2

  • Vitamin C—needed for growth, development, and repair of tissues.[3]

  • Folate—crucial for fetal development, cognitive enhancement, and prevention of certain cardiovascular diseases.[4]

  • Fiber—helps control blood sugar, aids in digestive health, clears skin, and boosts heart health.[5]

Obviously, greens are little powerhouses of health and the benefits of adding them to your daily diet are endless. But not all tastebuds appreciate the earthy, nutty flavor or dark leafy greens, so sneaking more greens into your diet is important wherever possible. For example:

Giving Greens™. The easiest, cost effective way of adding greens on-the-go. Part of the Slenderiiz weight management line, Giving Greens (more about Giving Greens HERE) is a whole-food veggie, nutritive powered drink mix offering a spouted-seed nutrition and enzyme-rich superfruit blend that provides your body with vital nutrients to boost immunity, support cardiovascular health, fight free radicals and aid digestion.

Smoothies. A smoothie can replace a breakfast or added in as a snack. Loaded with berries and fresh fruit, a few handfuls of spinach or kale will go completely undetected under the stronger, sweeter flavors of other ingredients.

Juices. Fresh juiced fruits and vegetables are refreshing and oh so healthy. Unlike processed, store-bought juices, fresh juice doesn’t contain added sugars or preservatives. When paired with the taste of more appealing fruits or veggies, greens in your juice will hardly even be noticed.

Scramble. Breakfast is one of the best times to get a load of greens in your system. Next time you make scrambled eggs, consider adding in steamed spinach. Eggs, spinach, and cherry tomatoes were practically made for each other.

Pastas. Instead of plain noodles and sauce, try sprucing it up with some greens like peas, asparagus, or broccoli. Adding veggies help make carb-heavy meals a little healthier and can also give an appealing crunch.

Soups. Homemade soups can be incredibly healthy, comforting, and nourishing. You can add in chopped spinach, kale, or chard to almost any soup for a little extra nourishment and health benefits.

Sandwiches. Even a plain grilled cheese can get a green makeover. Grilled sandwiches are especially yummy with some added avocado slices or a handful of microgreens or sprouts.

Popsicles. If you’re already making a healthy green juice, why not pour it into a popsicle tray for a yummy, refreshing snack on warm summer’s day?

Tea. Some greens are great for sipping. If you’re already a tea lover, consider switching to green, dandelion, or nettle tea for added vitamins and nutrients. If the earthy flavor is a bit much, it’s easily masked with a teaspoon of honey.

While greens may not be your go-to food, they are incredibly essential for health and wellness and offer a crazy amount of good-for-you nutrients. And sneaking more greens into your diet is easy with these simple tricks!

A busy life makes it difficult to feed your body the nutrition it craves., but Giving Greens makes it easy! With only 15 calories per serving, simply mix Giving Greens nutritive powder with water or blend in a smoothie!

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