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What exactly is a sprouted seed? A sprouted seed is simply a whole-grain seed that has begun to grow. Once a seed has been allowed to sprout, its nutrient levels increase, making sprouts rich in a number of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Which sprouted seeds pack the highest nutritional punch? • Broccoli sprouts contain 10 to 100 times more sulforaphane, a compound shown to promote detoxification and strengthen antioxidant power. • Amaranth sprouts are high in fiber and the essential amino acid lysine, and contain as much as 12 to 17 percent protein. • Millet sprouts contain manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin (vitamin B3), and are naturally gluten-free.

Should I include sprouted seeds in my daily diet? Sprouted seeds and whole, unsprouted seeds basically contain the same nutrients, but in different quantities. The growth process breaks down some of the starch naturally found in a seed, making the percentage of nutrients higher in a seed that has sprouted. When a seed sprouts, it also breaks down a form of phytic acid found in seeds that prevents our bodies from fully absorbing vitamins and minerals — so sprouted grains have more available nutrients, including iron, folate, zinc and magnesium. Bottom line? They are a great addition to any healthy diet!

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